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If you're not ready or able to eliminate your distress altogether, why not use these free resources to help you manage your stress?

This is an exercise I teach almost all my new clients at the onset of treatment, and one that we often return to if we need to "close something down." This tool is excellent for compartmentalizing multiple stressors or for "putting away" a stressor for a more appropriate time to deal with it.

I teach my clients that they can change their somatic state from "stressed" to "at rest." By using a memory from your recent past which left you feeling calm, peaceful, or relaxed, you can gain more control over your reaction and minimize your limbic system activation (also known as: fight / flight / freeze / faint / shut-down). 

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This is a resource that I personally have really been enjoying! I've been learning Qi Gong through by following along with the free training from Master Shi Heng Yi. If you feel so inclined, you may donate to their monastery (I am not affiliated with Shi Heng Yi and have not received permission as of yet to host this link so it may be taken down).