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Repair Family Relationships
Reset the Foundations
Protect the Future


Rigorous Scientific Heritage

Bold Artistic Revolution

Intuitive Spiritual Transcendence


Eliminate the negative patterns that have survived the generations.

Heal your relationships even if they're damaged or broken.

Give past generations the closure they never could.​

Love and trust each other on the deepest level.

Secure your legacy for generations to come.



 "After decades of self-help, meditation and 1.5 years of talk therapy to work through abandonment issues that started when I was 4 years old, I was still suffering from anxiety and self-doubt. I had yet to resolve the “heart of the matter.” Fortunately, I discovered Robert Grigore...working with Robert helped me progress so much that I was able to navigate through sticky family situations with assertive calmness at last. And that's just the beginning. I can only say I wish I had discovered Robert sooner." 

~ A, Best-Selling Author


But family members remain stubborn or manipulative...

Family dinners end in arguments or worse: fake smiles and resentment...

One or more members continue to struggle with addictions or anxiety disorders...

Children act out with behaviour problems...

Underlying grief or trauma in the family remains unhealed...









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"I was dealing with trauma from relocating and losing my job suddenly, and family trauma both past and present. Healing from these things is a problem for however long they plague you until you get help. My trauma manifested in depression, anxiety, lower self esteem, and isolation.


Robert makes you feel totally at ease sharing anything, because he explains the process so well and has such a kind and professional manner that sets you at ease. He is also very thoughtful and thorough. He helped me to let go of some deep seated limiting beliefs that I hadn’t realized were what was making it so hard to get through the current traumas in my life. And he provided me with some super helpful techniques to release immediate anxiety. I would definitely recommend Robert.


The EMDR technique he uses adds the physical energetic reset that makes the difference between continually going back to revisit a problem - because you can’t quite let go of the core of it - and moving on from it.  

Don’t wait – try it – it can’t hurt – it truly helps!!!"  

~ L, Actor & Entrepreneur





#1: Good therapy needs to take years, and in many cases, decades.

This is false. You can resolve each issue in as little as a single weekend! We believe that effective psychotherapy should be clear, concise, results-oriented, and above all else, fast! 

#2: Your problem will become resolved if you can reach a breakthrough in therapy (also called an insight).

FALSE. Having an insight during a session is terrific, but it’s not enough to change behaviour over the long haul, because the problem isn’t intellectual! Symptoms are due to unresolved negative experiences that emotionally wounded you long ago, for which the brain did not properly process because it was preoccupied with keeping you alive (fight/flight/freeze/faint/shut-down). In order for your symptoms to become alleviated, we must completely process the appropriate past memories and eliminate the negative belief structure that was formed - a belief structure that likely began many generations ago...

#3: Problems will eventually go away on their own.

Again, false. Many of us were taught to just sweep our problems under the rug and they’ll go away in time. Unfortunately, since our symptoms are due to negative belief structures formed within our neurological frameworks, they do not go away if we simply “try harder,” or “toughen up,” or “think positively,” etc. Most of the time, the problems will grow and fester until they explode in unimaginably destructive ways.

#4: You just need to talk about it.

Most likely false. Talking is great, and we’re social beings, so talking about events is natural, however, talking about your past and your current situation won’t help you, and can even make things worse! When you bring up painful experiences from the past - especially if they’re triggered in the present - and only talk about them, you are only stimulating the left hemisphere of your brain, but true healing needs to occur on both hemispheres of the brain. That’s why EMDR therapy is so effective. It’s NOT talk therapy, and actually, very little talking occurs during processing. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to pay someone to just to talk with them.

#5: You need to share all the details to move past it.

Nope! Ironically, in the EMDR world, we sometimes refer to EMDR as “secret therapy.” This is because, I only need to know a little about what we’re working on, I don’t need all the details. I like to use the analogy of a book: Imagine that each of the memories (called targets) in your treatment sequence are the chapters in your story. All I need to know is the chapter title, and whether you’re feeling better, worse, or the same; positive, negative, or neutral. That’s it. This is quite liberating for people with extensive traumatic backgrounds or when they’re carrying intense shame. 

#6: You must carry your past with you forever.

Not really. When people say this, they usually mean that on some level your past will always haunt you. In fact, I think just the opposite. I think that if events from your past continue to cause you to feel anxious then you are still a prisoner to your past. That’s not what effective therapy should be about. You should be in and out, and move on with your life, leaving the pain in the past...or more aptly, have the pain be removed from the past. It’s true that we cannot go back in time and erase your past (even though it can feel like it at times), but we can eliminate the pain from the past. You’ll still remember the past, and it might even still cause an emotional reaction, but you will not be distressed by the reaction (for example, I still feel sadness for my 11 year-old self who was bullied all the time and hated himself; but I am not in any way overwhelmed or distressed by my past). The pain from your past can absolutely evaporate; and in fact, I believe that distressing experiences from our past can actually lay the foundation for our future; but we first need to fill the "cracks in the foundation" before it's safe to continuing building the legacy. 


"The root of our (my partner and I) problem was processing, awareness and communication of our emotions. The symptoms of our problems were miscommunication, misunderstanding each other and jumping into conclusions. This kept piling up and resulted into trust and intimacy issues.

The problems have been ongoing for almost two years prior to seeing Robert.

My partner and I had been impacted by lack of trust nd intimacy issues. I had started feeling hopeless in our relationship. I was carrying a huge weight that did not allow me to live a healthy mental, emotional and physical life.

Mental- I noticed making more mistakes during work. Needing significantly more time alone to relax. Emotional- I started yelling in an attempt to be heard. I felt hopeless. Physical- I had 20% of my usual energy to eat healthy and exercise. I had trouble getting quality sleep. I had nightmares.

Robert made me feel welcomed, understood and supported. Robert worked on both our relationship and our individual selves. He was very knowledgeable.

My partner and I are significantly more aware of our emotions. We are more equipped to process them and communicate them to one another. We are able to use these emotions to grow a stronger bond between one another. Before meeting Robert, our emotions were building a barrier between us; pushing us apart. Now, our emotions are a means of connecting and strengthening our bond.

On the individual spectrum, after EMDR, I feel more emotionally intelligent. I can process my emotions significantly better. I am more aware of my emotions. I can communicate them better. Moreover, I can continue improving myself on my own. Robert taught us how to fish as opposed to giving us a dinner.

I would recommend Robert for individuals and/ or couples. I would recommend Robert for anyone who suffered a strong trauma. EMDR is a great method for processing your own emotions.

Robert is a professional, knowledgeable and supportive person. EMDR is an excellent tool to process your emotions. It worked very well with me." 


~ M, Executive






Assessment of Personal and Familial Core Negative Belief Systems

Processing Demonstration


Customized Treatment Recommendations 

Qualifying Interview for

One & Done Legacy Program


1. Does EMDR hurt? 

No. Not in the traditional sense. Since this is a process of activating distressing memories in order to finally process them ONCE and FOR ALL, you will have to be comfortable with experiencing some distress. However, it's very important to note: This is the very last time you will need to think about these difficult memories. After processing, you're free!

2. What if it doesn't work for all of my family members?

Don't worry, it will. EMDR works by changing the neural networks in your brain, called neural-plasticity. Regardless of whether you believe it will work or not, it will - it's as much a physical process as it is a psychological one. The only requirement we need from each member is a willingness to try!

3. How is COVID-19 going to affect treatment?

Since it is not possible to travel in our current situation, all treatment for those who qualify will be conducted entirely online.

4. How is the treatment broken up? This is completely different than what I'm used to!

During the first quarterly meeting, the family will meet together as a whole for orientation, assessment, and mapping. Then each member will receive a customized treatment plan designed to assist with both repairing familial relationships, as well as for personal transformation.

Depending on scheduling availability for all parties, treatment days will occur in one of two formats:

  1. Beginning at 9:00 am, and finishing around 2:30 pm (give or take a few minutes depending on how your processing goes). You will be taking breaks approximately every 1.5 - 2 hours (for 5-10 minutes) to allow for restroom breaks, to stretch your legs, drink water, etc. You will have a one hour lunchtime break as well, and space for snacks. Also, you are in complete control - if you need a break, just let Robert know, and you will pause there. This option is intended for one member at a time and will last approximately three days.

  2. Beginning at 9:00 am, and finishing at 12:00 pm (for Party 1) then beginning at 1:00 pm, and finishing at 4:00 pm (for Party 2). This option is intended for each expert to treat two family members each day, and will last approximately five days. 

Once each member has gone through their ExtraOrdinary individual transformation, the family will meet for "Integration Day."

This process will repeat quarterly for 12 months. 

5. What if I want a particular family member to be a part of my processing?

This is likely to occur at some point in the treatment, but not until after you have completed your first ExtraOrdinary transformation. As this is an extremely customized treatment approach, Robert will take the appropriate measures to provide your specific family will everything you need to finish the process successfully.

6. What kind of accommodations do you recommend?

We suggest that your family make reservations as per your family's "normal." This is especially critical for "Launch Day" and "Assessment Days."

7. What should I expect to experience during my EMDR processing? 

Everyone has different experiences when they are processing. But you can expect to experience some combination of the following: physical sensations, emotional expressions, sights, sounds, smells, visual pictures or mental scenes from the past, present, and future, insights about yourself and your life experiences, reduction in felt-disturbances of traumatic memories, and more. The important thing to remember is that this is a natural process that everyone can go through, and also, you've already experienced the worst of it - and survived. As you begin desensitizing and reprocessing your past memories, you will also be improving your tolerance of stress, and you will feel as if you are getting stronger...and you will be.

8. Do I need to bring anything? 

Robert will have everything you need to be comfortable for each phase of treatment. Although, some clients do prefer to make their own arrangements for comfort. 

9. I'm only interested in results that last. Do the treatment results last?

All of our clients feel the same way. Many have undergone several different types of treatment prior to finding Robert, and they are frustrated with having to continually revisit painful feelings. Rest assured, the results of working with Robert last forever.


On the individual level: Once the brain processes a belief system, the belief system evaporates. This means you will not have to continually return to the same memories for the same belief. However, it is possible that the same memory is an "intersection" for more than one belief system; if that's the case then you may revisit that memory again, but for a different belief system. Each member will experience the elimination of their personal distress and will continuously reach new planes of their existence over the course of 12 months. 

On the familial level: It is not possible to predict exactly how the family system will transform, but we can make an educated guess. Once all barriers to positive connection are eliminated, it is a natural likelihood that the members will unite. However, we are not responsible for any member's actions, only for providing world-class treatment. We will make you this promise: By the end of treatment, each family member will find complete acceptance of the situation and feel no distress. 

10. What if I can't remember everything from my past, or can't quite articulate it? 

Don't worry, this is common, and could be for two reasons. The first being the brain will suppress the memories of certain events because they were too painful to recall. The other possibility is that during the original experience you were dissociated which means the memories could appear later when the distress has been removed, or they were never stored in the first place. Regardless of which is true for you, it is most important to remember this: When your brain determines that it is safe to do so, you will recall what you need to in order to heal. By the time you've gotten to me, my bet is that you are ready.



“I have seen Robert due to an addiction that was rooted in childhood trauma. The memory of the trauma came up in a session with another counsellor about one year prior to the treatment with Robert. That means, my trauma was hidden for more than 20 years deep down before it surfaced. Unfortunately, I was not able to heal through talking therapy for more than a year. A different counsellor mentioned to me that EMDR might be helpful and this is how I found Robert.


EMDR was able to solve something within a few sessions that talking therapy could not for more than a year.


Before the EMDR treatment, I felt like my life was surrounded by a bubble filled with painful memories and emotions. It was almost impossible to let myself feel the pain of physical abuse and neglect that occurred to me in my childhood. EMDR helped me to process the painful memories and stabilize my emotional response. I would say the painful memories have lost their intensity, which was simply liberating and lead to a new life.


Robert was very professional and helpful throughout the entire treatment. At times, when the memories were so painful (I even contemplated walking out of the session), Robert was able to guide me through the session with kindness and understanding. For that reason, I can only recommend Robert as a counsellor and EMDR as a therapy approach."

~ P, President / Public Figure





  • Quarterly Customized Family Assessments

  • Individually-Tailored Treatment Plans

  • Quarterly One & Done - Total Immersion Per Member 

  • VIP Expansion Pack

  • Quarterly Family Integrations

  • On-Call Service for 12 Months



"I had been struggling with severe anxiety (for 22 years) which was rooted in a strong fear of rejection and negative belief that I was inferior. My depression and anxiety were crippling me. I was unable to leave my house some days.


Robert was warm, empathetic, and compassionate. I felt at ease with him right away. He listened to all of my thoughts in an empathetic and helpful way but also shared some small things about himself which helped me to feel validated and feel like he was “a person” not just a therapist.  

Everything has changed — my situation hasn’t changed at all but I am much more capable of dealing with it. I spend less time “recharging” at home and for that reason I have more time to LIVE MY LIFE. My friends and loved ones have noticed a shift in me and have told me that I am: more authentic, lighter, my energy is less heavy, happier, more energetic, and I was even told that my posture is better! I have already recommended Robert to others. 


It is an investment in yourself and your health and it’s the most important investment!"  

~ A, Harvard Graduate



We believe that eliminating the impacts of trauma on those around the world, via EMDR treatment, is giving the human race the best possible chance of evolving and in turn, protecting our planet.

This is why when you purchase one of our packages, we donate 5% of the gross revenue to EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs (EMDRHAP), which provides trauma-relief via EMDR to: First-Responders, Nonprofits, Women and Children, Disaster Survivors, International Aid, and Veterans. 

Thank You For Helping to Heal the World!


I want you to be the hero of your family's legacy.

I want this to be the defining moment that your story becomes a living legend.




ExtraOrdinary Potential